It’s a rare sight to see Salman Khan being upset over an eviction in the Bigg Boss house. Well, the latest ousting had not just left Bhai but the entire world disappointed. One of the strongest contenders in Bigg Boss 11, Hiten Tejwani was eliminated from the show, in one of the biggest twists of the season. Being in the bottom two, Hiten and Priyank Sharmawere pitted against each other and the contestants voted Hiten out. Talking about his unexpected eviction, the actor, in an exclusive chat with shared, “Some of the housemates believe I could be a threat and so chucked me out. But I am surprised at their choice. There’s no fun playing with the weak, it would have been exciting if they decided to go with the strong one and fight it out till the end.”

When asked about the emotions running through him, Hiten said, “There’s no anger but I am really disappointed about this twist. After meeting my family last week, I was more pepped up and had more enthusiasm to play the game. Sadly the housemates decided to play dirty and here I am out of the game.”

Though Hiten was the man of the series, last weekend, the caller of the week, threw a googly at him. The actor had chosen Shilpa Shinde to be safe in one of the nominations, while he projected an assumption that he had voted for Arshi Khan. We asked him if the caller revealing his secret caused a negative impact on his game. “I never intended to hurt Arshi nor was I playing a sly game. Since Shilpa and Arshi were at loggerheads, I only wanted to maintain peace. But ironically yes, it was Shilpa who voted against me.”

Host Salman mentioned that Hiten was the only sane factor in the show, bringing dignity, maturity and a balance in the house. Adding to that, the Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi actor shared with a smile, “That’s the best I could do. I never wanted to play cheap tricks. And that has brought me more respect. And as Salman said, this would only take me far in the journey.”

Hiten also added that the love and respect he achieved holds bigger than the show. “Very few people come out of Bigg Boss with such a clean slate. I remained unscathed from whatever happened in the game. And I truly feel that this is my biggest reward. Also, I have come out as a more calmer person and now nothing can affect me (laughs). I also learnt a lot of household chores, which I never even tried doing in my home.”