IT was lack of good scripts and personal commitments that had put Sindhu Loknath away from cinema for years. The Lifeu Ishtene actress is all thrilled to be back with Heegondhu Dina. The film directed by Vikram Yoganand is slated to release this week. Get into a telephonic conversation with Sindhu, there is a sense of excitement in her, when she talks about her upcoming film. “Though, this film started in 2016, it got a delayed release, but still the storyline is very fresh,” says Sindhu, Going by the one-liner of the film, it’s a story about a girl who chases a dream of becoming an actress, and she is set to audition for a role. But, it was not the case with her. “Career came chasing behind me. I didn’t choose, it chose me. And when it happened, I took it as a destiny,” she says.

Sindhu stresses that Heeongdhu Dina is not a heroine-centric, but a stroy driven. Though as a protagonist, she is seen in each frame and she gets to meet various people at intervals. “Will they push me to reach my destination or will they hold me back is what the charecter’s journey in the film. It is not just an actor’s life. This happens in every girl’s life who needs to decide between her career and marriage. There are situations we have to reach midway,” she says.

Sindhu has been married, but has never spoken about it. Reason being she didn’t want to mix her personal and professional life. “I’ve always been secure about my personal life. I don’t carry the baggage of work to home, and for it is two different worlds,” she says.Has marriage change the kind of cinema Sindhu has been signing off late? She disagrees. “I have been doing the kind of cinema which I am comfortable with, and will remain the same after marriage,” she says.Sindhu was a part of the webseries Loose Connection. She also wrote and produced a short story. On film front, she has Kaanadante Mayavadhanu, a film made under Yogaraj Bhat banner, and that’s about it right now, she says.