Gulshan Grover who has made a name for himself as the badman in the industry has had quite an adventurous time in Hollywood doing films like Prisoners of the Sun, Desperate Endeavors and Blind Ambition. He also recently released his book called the Bad Man and spoke in detail about his career so far. He also revealed how Shah Rukh Khan urged him to take the first flight to Hollywood when he was offered to play the role of the antagonist in The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli and Baloo during their shoot for Yes Boss.

He said, “Shah Rukh and I were working in director Aziz Mirza’s movie Yes Boss (1997) and that time, I had got selected for a Hollywood movie The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo (1997) to play the main antagonist. It was the final call for me to come to Hollywood and sign the film. I was in a big dilemma and before turning down the offer, I went to Shah Rukh and made him read the script. He insisted that I should take the first flight to Hollywood”. He further elaborated on how SRK assured him that he would handle the situation behind him, “I was so scared thinking the director would sue me for doing this or cut my salary for making the loss. But Shah Rukh said, ‘Tu ja, agar tereko kisika phone aaya bhi, you come and catch me. I will handle the situation here. You go my friend, sign this film and make us proud”.

Recalling the incident further, Grover said, “I owe my Hollywood career to Shah Rukh Khan. He gave wings to my dreams. If he would not have pushed me that night to take the first flight for Hollywood, this would not have happened.”

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