HBL Tekken

HBL brings Tekken tournament for women in Lahore

Konnect by HBL expands its presence into the world of Esports with the launch of Tekken 8 Women’s Gaming Tournament. This exciting initiative, under the banner of ‘Aur Khelo’, provides a platform for women gamers in Lahore to showcase their skills and passion for the popular game ‘Tekken’. The tournament takes place on 20 April 2024 and welcomes enthusiastic women gamers from the city to compete. The tournament is powered by IGN and Raptr.

This tournament marks a significant milestone for HBL. By providing equal opportunities, HBL seeks to empower women in the Esports industry and level the playing field. It demonstrates the Bank’s commitment to connecting with Pakistan’s growing youth population and fostering a more inclusive Esports scene within the country.

Commenting on the initiative, Ali Habib, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer – HBL, said, “Gaming is no longer a boys’ club. A remarkable 23% of Pakistan’s 37 million gamers are women. With Esports booming as a subculture, Konnect by HBL aims to play a key role in shaping the future of Esports in Pakistan.”