Shahveer Jafry

Shahveer Jafry Wishes to Invite Hamza Ali Abbasi To The Podcast

Shahveer Jafry is one of the handsome and creative Youtuber and a content writer who aspires to make his name in Pakistan likewise all over the world. He has ascended to a specific dimension of vogue because of his unique contents. He has in excess of 2 million followers there now. Living in Canada he holds profound warmth for Pakistan which can be seen in his videos.
Recently Shahveer Jafry took to his social media account and made a wish to invite Hamza Ali Abbasi to the podcast. “I want to invite Hamza Ali Abbasi to the podcast. I think it would be a great conversation. If anyone knows him and make it happen I’ll give you a KitKat”, wrote Shahveer.
Hamza Ali Abbasi in a humble way replied to Shahveer saying that “Sure! Apologies I just saw your message. Would love to but in hibernation till my book is done. Let’s talk about the book in your podcast once it’s done. InshaAllah.”
Shahveer agreed to what Hamza said and mentioned that “Done Sir. Huge fan.”