Priyanka Chopra

Which Jonas family member is upset with Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas wedding?

Barely a few days after Priyanka Chopra’s wedding with Nick Jonas, a startling and rather funny piece of information has floated our way. Kevin Jonas, recently revealed that it took quite some time for his younger daughter, Valentina, to accept Priyanka into the family.

Talking about how his daughter Valentina has taken her own sweet time to warm up to Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner, Kevin had a rather funny narrative.

Speaking at a talk show, Kevin revealed, “They definitely do now. At first, it was a little rough going for my youngest daughter Valentina. She’s very connected to Nick. But when she met Priyanka, Priyanka put her hand around his shoulder and every time every time her hand would go around, and he was holding Valentina, she would just push it off. I’m not sure Priyanka loved it at first, but they’re cool.”

Another person from the industry, who might not be too happy about Priyanka and Nick’s wedding was rumoured to be Demi Lovato. There’s no denying the fact that Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato have always been the best of friends. Their interviews and videos together vouched for the incredible bond the duo share. So, when the news of Nick Jonas’ wedding with Priyanka Chopra surfaced, Demi was expected to not only gush with excitement but also attend their wedding festivities. However, as per reports, Demi wasn’t invited to the wedding at all, which has led to bad blood between the two.

A few months prior to Priyanka–Nick wedding, Demi Lovato had been admitted to a hospital due to a drug overdose. She also had been sent to rehab to cope up with the entire scene. Both, Priyanka and Nick, stood rock solid behind the singer during this phase. But, close friends have revealed that post this episode, the dynamic between the two has changed enormously.