Another year, and another Miss Veet season came to an end. Miss Veet 2017 grand finale, held at Expo Center on Thursday, saw the conclusion of several journeys and perhaps the beginning of a few. Among the top three finalists, Nimra Khan, Hira Khan and Nafia Sahar, Hira was crowned the eventual winner by the jury (consisting of Adnan Siddiqui, Aamina Sheikh and Hareem Farooq).

While the event started about three hours too late, there wasn’t much excitement in the air to begin with, which is not usually the case with grand finales of reality shows. Nevertheless, it didn’t go without delivering entertaining moments, some of which shall be remembered for the right reasons, others not so much.

Chief guest of the event, former cricketer Wasim Akram announced the winner while Azfar Rehman hosted the proceedings. Other celebrities who turned up at the event were Adnan Malik, Ainy Jaffri and Aamna Ilyas, each of whom had appeared on an episode of the show, while Ahsan Khan, Nadia Hussain and designer Shamaeel Ansari were invited as presenters.

The show opened with Sonya Hussyn’s dance performance (on the official Veet song) that failed to leave a mark and was forgettable at best. This was followed by a video presentation of the entire journey of Miss Veet Pakistan 2017 with all of the 12 contestants taking centre stage.

They were honoured with a few titles based on their performances throughout the competition. The three finalists were then called on stage to answer a few (more) questions posed by the judges as well as by Mahira Khan, after which the panel took the final decision and announced the winner.

Speaking about the journey and the contestants, one of the celebrity judges, Aamina Sheikh, who is gearing up for the release of Cake this March, said, “It has been an amazing journey with all these girls who reminded me of how I used to be when I joined the industry. Each one of them deserves the crown in their own way. I wish they shine when they go out from here.”

After a 12-week run where contestants met several challenges, Miss Veet Pakistan 2017 finally came to an end with a grand finale that took place on Thursday at the Expo Centre, Karachi. The journey started off with 12 participants leading to three finalists – Nimra Khan, Nafia Sahar and Hira Khan – who fought the final battle at the event, where Hira Khan was crowned the winner. She was awarded a contract worth Rs 1 million along with two air tickets to Thailand.