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Amazing Ways You Can Style A Scarf in Summers

If there’s one fashion accessory that brightens up your look and makes your outfit pop, it’s a scarf! Not only is it an affordable fashion staple, but it is also a multitasking accessory that you can style in various ways. Quite simply, scarves are cute, timeless and a lot of fun!

Cape Wrap
A cape wrap is a smart, casual way to add some volume to your shoulders. Open a scarf and fold it in such a way that the two ends meet and form a triangle. Place it over your shoulders and tie a knot in the front with the two ends.

Low Ponytail
Using a scarf in your ponytail is one of the trendiest ways to jazz up your look! Just get a scarf that goes with your outfit and then, wrap it around your ponytail. It’s simple but looks super stylish. I’m all for this summer style, are you?

Head Wrap
There are various ways to wrap a scarf around your head. My favorite, however, is the one where you place the scarf at the nape of your neck and tie a knot in the front. It looks super cute! You can even cover your head completely with the scarf and tie a knot with the four loose ends on the side of your neck.

The Classic Loop
Sometimes, a classic and simple style is the perfect way to show off the print, texture and the colors of your scarf! Just take your longest scarf and jazz up a plain outfit.

The Bow Tie Scarf
A bow tie is a beautiful way to model your floral scarf and add some fun to your simple top! Put the scarf around the back of your neck and let the two ends hang down in front. Hold each end and simply tie it in a bow (like you do with a ribbon)