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Birthday girl Ileana D’Cruz? Jump into her Instagram account

They say home is the reflection of a homemaker and films are the reflection of filmmakers. Over the years, ever since the world of social media has seen a gargantuan boom, Twitter and Instagram have also begun to reflect how a celebrity feels when he or she is not working or enjoying or relaxing and giving some time to their personal lives. In short, their social media accounts could also be an extension of themselves. One such actor is Ileana D’Cruz, who turns a year younger today, on November 1.

Ileana D’Cruz is an immensely popular actor in the South and also consolidated herself in the Hindi film industry with her immensely charismatic and enigmatic debut, Barfi!, in 2012. This seven-year journey has seen frequent speed-breakers and bumpy roads, but the actress continues to drive nonchalantly.

If you’re a fan of Cruz and wish to peep into her emotional slate and psyche, her Instagram account could be of a lot of help. We try to decode the traits she’s brimming with and what drives her daily, despite the unpredictable sourness of life, through her Instagram posts and captions:

1. The Moody

She writes twice, in Hindi and English, that she’s moody. On a bad day, you wouldn’t want to encounter her.

2. The Unabashed

She’s unfazed by what the world would say and opts to listen to her heart, and is even ready to turn a blind eye to what her mother has to say. So even if she asks Cruz to not stay out in the sun, she does the exact opposite, because this is how she derives her gratification.

3. The Dreamer

We won’t be who we are if we didn’t dare to dream. But her dreams are beyond fame and fortune; she’s a day-dreamer and one of the carefree folks. And given she has been an actor for long, she too, just like the commoners, envisages herself in a music video, and that too a cheesy one. Well, she also listens to sappy romantic songs, because nothing works better when you’re engulfed by the crushing feeling of longing.

4. The Aware

Being an actor, you’re automatically burdened with social responsibility. The Hindi film actors are known to actively participate in social causes and D’Cruz is one of them. She participated in the #WhiteTSeries awareness program and stated that simple actions in daily lives can help bring us closer to a world without breast cancer.

5. The Fearless

Dripping with swagger and scintillation, she insouciantly writes- How could she fear the rain when she has always been the storm, thus consolidating the fact she’s one fearless soul, refusing to be tormented or tyrannise.

Here’s looking forward to more such deep and metaphorical posts from the actress. There’s nothing more riveting than to get a closer glimpse of an actor’s inner notions.