Smita Bansal

Smita Bansal has done a series of roles in her successful career

As one of television’s most popular faces, Smita Bansal has done a series of roles in her successful career. Dabbling in the comedy genre currently — she appeared in a comedy play with Annup Sonii after their hit TV show ended — she says she has never really planned her career.

Speaking to a daily, Smita said, “I usually get dramatic roles on TV shows, so it’s fun doing a comedy. We have been travelling across the country for shows and the response from the audience in Mumbai and Delhi, and smaller cities such as Nagpur and Surat, Gujarat, have blown us away. The metros are exposed to many kinds of plays but the smaller cities, not so much. We have done 50 shows of the play in three years. I enjoy being a part of the play since I believe it is a clean comedy. People love a good clean comedy that families can watch together. Nowadays, comedy usually has a double entendre, which doesn’t sit well with families. It is difficult to make people laugh with clean comedy so writers resort to hidden meanings in dialogues to get a laugh. And working with Annup is a bonus since I know him since 15 years now. Our rapport is fabulous and we share a great comfort level. Audiences have seen us in a different kind of setup in ‘Balika Vadhu’ so they find it interesting to see us in a comedy. It surprises most people. I have never actively looked for work. If something interesting comes my way, I do it. I feel when something good is destined for you, it will happen no matter what. Moreover, as we are travelling so much for the play, there is no time for anything else right now.”