Amitabh Bachchan has been in the public eye for nearly 50 years – and yet, year after year, he never fails to surprise us. Sometimes, it’s with the choice of roles and movies he throws our way, sometimes the inspirational things he says and does, and other times, it’s simply with his choice of clothing. Yes, Amitabh Bachchan may be older than your average hero, but his sense of style is younger and more experimental than most men in Bollywood (barring Ranveer Singh!). His fashion sense, just like his choice of the roles, is bold, versatile and just keeps getting better, even as the years stack up.

amitabh look 2

Amitahab look 1

The world might catch jump on to the UV bandwagon soon enough, what with it being the Pantone colour of 2018. But why wait for the world, when you can blaze your own path through? Here, he looks sharp and dapper in a startling UV suit. Can you really say, looking at this picture, that this is a 75 year old man? Fashion and fitness, these are definitely two things we can take inspiration from him for. The next time your men friends shy away from experimenting with colours, this is the photo you want to point to.