Ever since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s separation, a lot of speculations have been made about their relationship status. Some say that Brad Pitt and his ex-wife Jennifer Anniston are seeing each other and are planning to reunite. Others have found out that Angelina Jolie has been dating a billionaire from Britain and that they are planning to get married in France.

The story about Angelia Jolie was first published in Life&Style. It was their cover story and on the covers, the title read ‘Angie Wedding in France!’ It was written over a photo of the ‘The Maleficent Star.’ It also had a photo of Brad Pitt that said that he found it out from Shiloh. Apparently, a source told the tabloid that Jolie, who was initially a bit hesitant about the whole ordeal, will marry the millionaire at Chateau Miraval, the same place where she married Pitt in 2014.

These revelations come when Jolie is still finalising her divorce and is spending as much time as possible with the children. But unfortunately, that entire story has been debunked by Gossip Cop, who have pointed at a very important detail that the narrator missed in the story. What was his name? The description of the millionaire has been apt and ambiguous both at the same time.

The ‘source’ has also gone forward and revealed Jolie’s post-wedding plans. The Hollywood actress will mostly stay in France as it is a two-hour flight journey from her billionaire husband’s home base. Gossip Cop has further pulled out another important information that adds no authenticity to the story – apart from his age and physical appearance, how did the star meet him and where did they meet?

But most importantly, one of Jolie’s representatives has denied the event and has said that it is “not true.” This is not the first time that Life&Style has spread rumours like this.

A few months back, they had said that Jolie is dating Justin Theroux. A few months after that, they published that the two were on a secret vacation to Cabo. And this January, apparently Jolie introduced Theroux to her six kids.