The title track of Dhadak hit the internet today, and the song is a treat for the ears. Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter’s sweet romance in the video is elevated by the mellifluous tune.

Composer duo Ajay-Atul, who gave music for Sairat, were roped in for Dhadak as well. The title track of Dhadak, sung by Ajay Gogavale and Shreya Ghoshal, is one of the two original songs composed by them for the film.

In an exclusive interview to India Today Television’s Sushant Mehta, Janhvi, Ishaan and director Shashank Khaitan talk about their experience of filming the title track of Dhadak.


Ishaan: I think it’s a privilege to be a part of this song, it’s such a beautifully composed song. Ajay Atul, I became a fan of after hearing the music of Sairat and I think they have done absolutely tremendous job with this song.


Janhvi: Madhu is in love with Parthavi. She also feels a very deep sense of love towards him, but I think she has a certain air about herself. She’s teasing him, she likes to lead him on a little bit, she isn’t that easy.


Shashank: If you really want to see the true side of Janhvi, just ask her to order food and then you will see the mad side of Janhvi Kapoor.

Janhvi: I have a long list of my favourite food items, this interview won’t end if I start, but right now I really wanna have kaju pista ice cream.

Shashank: On our first recce to Udaipur, I was going to see the place where I wanted to shoot and I took two of them along. The hotels we stayed in, the chefs quit. They said we are not cooking any more food for these people because they don’t stop ordering food.


Shashank: I think I love the song from beginning to end. When the antra kicks in and you have the word, ”Koi bandhni joda odh ke,” I think that the whole portion is magical.

Janhvi: I think my favorite part is the same as his and as for the most memorable part of shooting this song , we shot montage cuts for this song almost everyday, we do like 2-3 songs and then we do montage cuts so that was the most fun because he’d just kind of leave us and we’d have fun.