She’s played both a screen mother with style and is also a reality show judge on TV, but Kirron Kher has not acted in a single movie for almost three years now. As a Member of Parliament from Chandigarh, she says she has “no time” to take up films and told a site, “I’ve been very, very busy with my commitment to my constituency and to Parliament. So, I don’t really have time to work in films.”

Her being away though, has not deterred others approaching her for films and she says filmmakers continue to consider her for roles. She added, “I have not only read scripts but said no two films in the last three years. I know one of them Shabana (Azmi) has done. It’s a film called ‘Idgah’, which is an adaptation of Premchand’s short story. I was asked to be a part of it but it was taking time away. The makers of the film needed dates at a time when I could not give that. So aisi bahut saari cheezen aati rahi hain jinko maine mana kara hai. Scripts bhi aati hain but kuch itna exciting nahi aaya. (I have turned down many such things that keep coming my way. I haven’t been offered an exciting script yet). If something substantial comes my way  a very meaty and major role — which I would love to do, then of course one can make time for that.”