Bollywood’s evergreen beauty Madhuri Dixit flaunts a simple get-up in a sari in the first look of her Marathi movie debut “Bucket List”.

Madhuri unveiled the look via Twitter on Sunday. The poster features her dressed in a traditional green sari with a contrast blouse, a round red bindi on the forehead, a mangalsutra in the neck and her hair loosely tied. The make-up seems bare minimum, giving her a look reminiscent of that of Sridevi from “English Vinglish”.

The poster’s backdrop is colourful and teases the movie’s story with labels of the different roles that a woman plays in daily life — housewife, mother, friend, sister and daughter.

Earlier, the makers had described the project as a slice-of-life film that revolves around the journey of self-realisation of a woman (Madhuri) with a dash of humour attached to its narrative style. The film will be directed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar, who has also written the film script along with Devashree Shivadekar.

Madhuri had said: “It is a story of every household yet it has a silver lining. It not only gives you hope and inspiration but also encourages you to live life in the true sense.”