Mortal Kombat Movie Poster

Mortal Kombat Release Date Pushed Back One Week

Mortal Kombat’s release date has been pushed back one week. Fans of the classic fighting video game have been looking forward to another Mortal Kombat movie franchise attempt for years. The reboot comes from Warner Bros. more than two decades after the last movie, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, hit theaters to disappointing results. Anticipation for the new Mortal Kombat only increased after the first trailer delivered a good look at its characters and brutal action.

Originally due to hit theaters at the start of 2021, Warner Bros. delayed Mortal Kombat to April 2021 due to its decision to change its release slate and how the studio’s movies will debut. All of WB’s 2021 movies will debut in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously, Mortal Kombat included. These titles will then leave the streaming service after a month and be available only in theaters once again. There will now be a slightly longer wait for those excited to see the franchise’s iconic fighters in live-action.