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SHOCK moment Gina Miller claims UK’s Brexit dream is ‘JUST FANTASY!’

GINA MILLER defended the European Union, saying the government has been “incompetent” in getting a Brexit deal and its currents demands are ‘just fantasy.’

The staunch Remainer shockingly claimed the UK’s Brexit demands to the European Union were “just fantasy”.

Speaking to Bloomberg, the businesswoman said: “I’m feeling puzzled because I thought reality would start dawning with our negotiation team and they just seem to misinterpret.

“It’s almost lost in translation what the EU’s saying because they are sticking to a straight bat, if you like and saying – if you want access to our markets, to the single market, which is Norway and if you don’t then it’s Canada because there isn’t any time left.”

Asked whether Remainer’s were making the EU think that the UK does not want a deal, Miller said the government were not being bold enough in the negotiations.

She said: “I absolutely agree that we shouldn’t be going on yesterday’s arguments, it’s not about Leave or Remain

“But we have to negotiate and ask for something.

“I actually think as the sixth largest economy we should be bold and ask for things, asking for reforms, we should be asking for the best deal we can get.

“That’s what’s so puzzling to me, we don’t seem to be going with any real meaty suggestions of what it is we want, we go with building bridges and just fantasy.”

Miller said it was up to the UK to get a bespoke trade deal but that there is too much “incompetence” to do that.

She said: “It’s us to go and say this is the deal we want, we don’t want Canada, we don’t want Norway, you rely on our financial services, you rely on us in these areas.

“So be bold. That’s what I think the government have failed to do, they have failed to be bold.

“It’s not about Remain or Leave anymore but it’s the incompetence with which this is being dealt with that’s so worrying and the fact that we really don’t have much time. We’ve got to be realistic about the timelines.

The Remainer added that it is the UK government that has been “inflexible” in negotiations.

She said: “This is the governments imposed red lines, so what they have to do is go and negotiate rather than saying we’re not going to negotiate.

“They’ve put dates in the sand, they’ve put red lines that are imposed by them and they’re the ones that are being inflexible.”