Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan could be arrested after her exit from the Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan has certainly become one of the most talked about people this year. In fact the reality show contestant ranked as the second most searched celebrity from India in 2017 after Sunny Leone. Now we hear that Arshi Khan, who is currently still in the Bigg Boss house, could well be arrested.

This comes after the Jalandar Magistrate issued an arrest warrant against Arshi since she has been constantly skipping trials. Reports state that the Jalandar Magistrate that has been hearing a case filed against Arshi Khan by a Jalandar based lawyer for causing religious enmity after she painted both the Indian and Pakistani flags on her face.

However, Arshi’s publicist issued a statement claiming that a stay order has been acquired on her arrest, after it was brought to the Magistrate’s notice that she could not attend the repeated hearings since she was still part of the reality show where contestants are locked until they are evicted through public voting.