Ashi Singh’s First Visit To The Parlour

College days are usually the time when youngsters get to indulge themselves and adopt a fashionable look. A time when boys imitated the looks of their favourite Bollywood hero and girls got an opportunity to try make-up, get their eyebrows in shape, waxing etc. Ashi Singh who portrays the role of Naina in Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’ never felt like getting her eyebrows done to look good. She always maintained a de-glam look and playing the character of a teenager in the show worked in her favour as well. After regaling audiences with the school time memories of the 90s, the makers will now entertain them with the college romance of Sameer (Randeep Rai) and Naina.

Ashi Singh who has never got her eyebrows shaped till date was required to do the same for her college avatar. The young starlet being inexperienced in the cosmetic matters sought advice from her peers and close friends for the same.

When contacted Ashi Singh confirmed, “Naina’s image is that of a studious and ideal girl next door who always scores top grades in all her exams. Now that Naina has entered college, the makers have introduced a change in her personality and looks as well. I have never undergone any cosmetic changeover till date and when the creative suggested that I need to get my eyebrows shaped, I was in two minds for the same. I am thankful to God and my mother, that I have been blessed with good looks and never had to do any procedure as such. I consulted my mother and friends on the sets and they advised me to go ahead with the same. I was a bit petrified earlier but after discussing it with my friends I am not afraid anymore and as a professional, it’s my duty to do justice to the role at hand.”