NEW DELHI: Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest carmaker will roll out its first electric vehicle by 2020, the company’s chairman RC Bhargava confirmed on Thursday.

The technology will come from the the Suzuki-Toyota partnership, he said, and Maruti would be making and selling the cars in India. “We as Maruti don’t have the tech for e-vehicles. It’s a fact,” said Bhargava.
This comes in the backdrop of the Indian government’s 2030 target to be selling only EVs (electric vehicles) by then. In fact, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has gone as far ahead as saying that he’s not going to “ask” carmakers and users to make the shift, but will “bulldoze” the scheme.

One of the keys to making people shift to electric mobility would be to provide “affordable cars,” the company said.

On being asked if the first electric car to roll out will be a hatchback or a sedan, Bhargava said, “too early, can’t say” with a wry smile. The company is, in fact, going to conduct a survey, to understand what Indian buyers want and need in an electric car. The report which should be ready by February 2018 is likely to have a bearing on what kind of car rolls out in 2020.