Master Molty Foam and Master Celeste has invited its dealers to a get-to-gather in a private Hall.
The team of Master Molty Foam and Master Celeste informed their dealers regarding the product quality and specification of new products.
The dealers reviewed the product and shared their views on new products. Furthermore, dealers said that Master use to introduce new products in market and customer likes those products.

Master Group’s Advertising Manager, Mr. M. Zuhair Khan said, ‘By organizing Master Get-to-Gather, we would have more good relationship with our stakeholders and we listened to their recommendation and approaches in foam and spring mattress industry. Moreover, this is a new way to give direction to market and establish more brand equity.

Master Molty Foam’s DGM Marketing, Mr. Nazim Khan said, ‘Product innovation is growing and mattress manufacturers struggling to give better customer satisfaction as desire. These new foam products of Master are a step towards innovation which Master always strive for. Every product is introduced keeping view the health and comfort of the people.

Master Celeste’s DGM Marketing, Mr. Syed Kashif Shah said, ‘The dealers and users of Master always welcome new product development. Our team continues to improve the quality of products by introducing new spring mattresses with high-tech qualities.’

Following the introduction of new products by Master, it was also stated that Master will continue to develop and introduce new products especially health care and orthopedic products in near future.
Master Group started its journey to participate in the industrial development of Pakistan in 1963 and started the production of its mega brand MoltyFoam with a modern and realistic approach towards growth through innovative technology and quality manufacturing. The company produces Foam Mattresses, Pillows, Sofa Cushions, household and healthcare products under this brand providing unmatched quality with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Innovating from a technical collaboration with Bayer (Germany), Master MoltyFoam evolved as a generic name for foam in Pakistan.
Master Celeste, in the year 1997, Master Celeste is a spring mattress brand that promises to deliver comfort and physical health by providing the ideal mattress for a perfect soundless sleep.

Master has had the distinction of researching and presenting new applications in health care products such as The Molty Ortho Mattress, Molty Contour Pillow, and Molty BackCare Cushion and Coccyx Cushion which are designed ergonomically for health conscious people.