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Pakistani Teams Making Us Proud at Shell Eco Marathon 2019.

As Shell Eco Marathon 2019 kicked off in April, marking 80 years in the marathons’ history, we celebrate as eight Pakistani Student teams from universities across the country have traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and are participating to compete with other teams across Asia.

Shell, every year since 1939, has been proud to organize the Shell Eco Marathon, taking shape as a competition amongst Student Teams from all over the world to push the boundaries of fuel mileage and set new standards for automotive engineering.

Each participating team presents their own made vehicles, fitting into either Prototype or Urban Concept Class, powered by several different fuel categories and test how far they can drive on a single unit of fuel. Since the birth of the competition till now, various teams have set astonishing records, with new teams breaking them all the same the next year and setting new benchmarks.

Following are the participating teams,

Mech The Tech Air University Prototype Class
HammerHead ARC GIKI Prototype Class
Team Urban GIKI Urban Concept Class
NUSTAG NUST Urban Concept Class
NUST Eco Motive NUST Prototype Class
PNEC NUST URBAN NUST Urban Concept Class
PIEAS Ecomotive PIEAS Prototype Class

Perhaps, something that most of us didn’t know, Pakistani student teams have been a staple presence in the Marathon since 2010, with the PNEC team from NUST qualifying since 2009. That makes them currently on top of the others from Pakistan, but that does not mean they can keep that spot, as other teams or just as ready and working hard to make themselves stand out and break some records.

The NUSTAG team that placed 11th last year in the Urban Concept Class is set to amaze once again this year.

NUST Rawalpindi student team

Mech The Tech team from Air University, present in the marathon since 2011 setting records of their own, has high hopes again for another fruitful year in the marathon

Not to count out Team HammerHead Arc from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, having already won 6th place in the 2014 Marathon hopes to set new records this year as well.

Beyond the competition, it is an opportunity for students to converse, engage and compete with other engineering students all over the world and have an impact in the automotive industry with their own hard work and innovation.

So far the Pakistani teams are making us all proud by showing their innovations. We wish them best of luck for the competition.

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