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Shell Pakistan is giving you the perfect opportunity to win a trip for two to Paris.

Are you craving for a vacation but are out of budget for something grand? Then worry not because Shell Pakistan is giving you the perfect opportunity to win a trip for two to Paris.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful cities of the world and a favorite travel destination, Paris has it all. From lush green beauty to masterpieces of art and architecture to fantastic food, you and your loved one are going to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Shell Pakistan is offering this unique opportunity in which you can win a trip to Paris for 2 people. All you have to do is fill your vehicle with Shell V-Power worth Rs 2500 or buy a pack of Shell Helix Ultra and you may win a free trip for two to Paris every week along with instant exciting rewards. In order to avail this, you just need to follow the following steps

Step #1: Spend
Buy Shell V-Power worth Rs 2500 or buy a pack of Shell Helix Ultra.

Step # 2: Participate

Join this campaign by receiving a scratch card at the time of purchase, SMS the code to 8042 and get a confirmation message on your mobile.

Step # 3: Win
You will win an instant gift and a chance to participate in the lucky draw.

Why are you still thinking? Head to your nearest Shell pump to get yourself registered in the lucky draw. The last day to participate is 20th May 2019.

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4 reasons why you should visit Paris once in your lifetime

Paris is no doubt the city of magic and beauty and there is lot more to it than the majestic Eiffel Tower. Here are top 5 reasons why Paris should be your next travel destination.

  1. The food

French love their food and are passionate about it. Expect world’s best breads and steaks to welcome you at Paris to tantalize your taste buds. Also, you will be surprised to find delicious cheese there.

  1. The Parisian Fashion

Paris is arguably the fashion capital of the world. Expect to empty your pockets at all the gorgeous fashion stores and witness world’s most fashionable people on streets. You can pick up a fashion tip or two from the Parisians.

  1. Boating on River Seine

The best way to explore any city is to see it on foot however Paris presents you with another opportunity. If you want to absorb the beauty of the city in one go, we strongly urge you to take a boating trip across the river Seine. Start at Champ De Maris and admire the beautiful Parisian architecture.

  1. The Art & Architecture

Not only Paris has the best food and fashion, but their historic art and architecture is breath taking. Paris is Home to some of the world’s landmark monuments, museums and galleries that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Paris surely is fabulous but extremely expensive to visit specially in summer months as tourists around the globe are making Paris their travel destination. However, Shell Pakistan is giving you an amazing opportunity to make your wish of going to Paris come true.

All you have to do is go to selected stores of Shell and get Shell V Power worth Rs.2500 or Shell Helix and enter in a lucky draw to win a trip for 2 to Paris! You also will receive an instant gift on each entry! So, hurry and don’t miss the chance of a lifetime. The offer ends on May 20th 2019.

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