Humaima Malick

Humaima Malick under Criticism After Her Recent Post

Humaima Malick is a beautiful Pakistani actress who has been in industry for more than a decade. She has worked in countless dramas.
She has also done films as well. Humaima Malick has reached to Bollywood as well.
Recently she has taken her opinion about wearing Hijab on Instagram.
She thanked her friend and fellow actress Noor for being there for her. She also expressed her wish about carrying Hijab in future.
She said “there are few people in life who do not have any hope from you but they are still very dear and Noor is one of them, I pray May God keep her happy forever”.
“Thank you very much for giving me the scarf I am wearing as a gift. May Allah bless me and give me the courage to wear hijab for the rest of my life.” added Humaima.
Netizens were already not very happy with Humaima’s recent performance in PSL. The public was of the view that actors try to use religion for the fame. Some said that they are expecting next PSL performance of Humaima with scarfs.
Some said that Humaima, Feroze and Dua ,all of them just talk about religion.
It is to be reminded that Feroze and Dua announced quit from Media but came back.