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Pakistan: Veteran actor Durdana Butt dies at 83

Veteran actor Durdana Butt passed away in Karachi on Thursday at the age of 83.. According to media reports, Butt had come down with Covid-19 and was placed on ventilator. Her death was announced by actor Khalid Malik, who shared the news in an Instagram post captioned: “Durdana (dodi) Apa has transitioned from this realm back to her Creator.” He added: “The wise. The humorous. The insightful Durdana Butt is a special soul [and is] now back in His embrace.” Butt is best known for her roles in shows like Aangan Terha, Ruswai and Tanhaiyaan. Born on May 9, 1938 in Lahore, Butt started her acting journey in the early 70s. Apart from working in TV, she also starred in films like Balu Mahi, Parey Hut Love and Ishq Positive.