Rakhi Sawant has revealed that she has recently tied the knot with a UK-based Indian businessman in a private ceremony.
She had earlier posted pictures of herself wearing bridal bangles and with henna on her hands and vermillion on her forehead.
Sharing the details about her wedding and NRI husband, Rakhi said, “His name is Ritesh and he is in the UK. In fact, he has already left. My visa process is underway, and I will join him. Of course, I shall continue to work in India, so will shuttle for that. I always wanted to produce TV shows and I think my longstanding dream will now be fulfilled.”
Rakhi Sawant also thanked Jesus that her dream to marry Ritesh has been fulfilled. “I thank Jesus for giving me such a wonderful husband. He has been my fan ever since he saw my very first interview with Prabhu Chawla. He messaged me and we became friends with the passage of time. This happened about a year-and-half ago. After knowing him, I prayed very hard to Jesus to let me become his wife. Woh khawish toh poori ho gayi (My dream is now fulfilled). God has been kind to me so far.”
The two tied the knot in two wedding ceremonies, one according to Hindu customs and the other in line with Christian traditions, before getting married in court on July 28.