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Twinkle collaborates with supermodel Natalia Vodianova

Elbi India subscribers are rewarded with ‘LoveCoins’, which amount to a unique currency for the latest gifts and treats

Writer-producer Twinkle Khanna is collaborating with the international supermodel Natalia Vodianova for a charitable cause.

The collaboration is a part of Elbi India, a platform for philanthropic rewards-based subscription service. Twinkle has announced several exclusive gifts and experiences for users to redeem in return for their charitable donations.

Talking about the collaboration with Elbi’s co-founder Natalia, Twinkle said in a statement: “I’m so excited to be collaborating with Natalia and a platform as thoughtful as Elbi India. Their work is a completely new take on charitable giving and I am honoured to be able to provide further incentives for the rewards-based system.”

“I have always taken such an interest in the methods of different charities in the country and this is an exciting new development,” she added.

Elbi India subscribers are rewarded with ‘LoveCoins’, which amount to a unique currency for the latest gifts and treats.

Twinkle will also be sharing items of her personal wardrobe in the form of a full outfit and glamorous pair of shoes, in exchange for these LoveCoins.

“This new, pioneering, form of donating is a breath of fresh air for the philanthropic sphere in India and provides a new way for people to get involved in supporting vital causes,” said the actor-turned-author.

“It’s a unique way to create a platform and community for those who wish to positively impact society and gives millions the opportunity to share their passion for philanthropy. I’m very excited to see the impact it will have, she added.

With the initiative, Natalia said she was aiming to “create awareness for women and girls across India”.

“Twinkle is a true inspiration who I have drawn strength from as we have campaigned on similar issues. We are so pleased to have her support. Working with Twinkle on this is exactly what I hoped would happen on Elbi India.

“Brilliant people, joining us to give their time, energy and also products that reward our user’s generous subscriptions and donations,” Natalia added.