Set to mentor music show Love Me India, touted as the first live reality show for kids, Neha Bhasin says a diverse judging panel is likely to ensure accuracy while choosing participants. Joining hands with Himesh Reshammiya and Guru Randhawa, Bhasin says the trio’s varied music sensibilities will prove to be an advantage.

“Himesh has judged many reality shows. Guru is popular among the youngsters. So, unlike other shows which only see seasoned musicians on the panel, this one sees a mix of young and senior artistes. This is essential since not everyone’s music tastes are the same.” An avid proponent of folk music, Bhasin has two singles in the pipeline. Of the two Punjabi folk numbers she’s rehashing, she says one is a celebrated song, while the other, a less popular track that she admired as a child.

“Folk music was a part of my lifestyle at home. My grandmother was a beautiful singer, and our choti nani sends me voice notes of songs that I should work on even today. Folk music brings me closer to my family.”

Weeks after a celebrated ’90s boy band – A Band of Boys – ¬≠joined hands again, we ask the former Viva bandmate if a reunion of the revered pop band is possible. “We’re not 20 anymore and have moved on. I wouldn’t have time to be part of a band. However, we meet often and did so two years ago. Then, we sang Jaago Zara and realised that we still sound great together. But, we could release a single together, just for fun.”