Each and every detail of the wedding is carefully planned over months and the bride’s OOTD sits right at the top of that list. ‘Cuz let’s admit it, she is the center of attention.

From her lehenga, the makeup, hair and jewelry, every bride wants to be the best version of herself on this special day. And the most expensive decision out of all the above is the bridal jewelry. No wedding is complete without exhibiting the best of jewels. And if you are going to spend such big bucks, might as well be aware of the latest trends, right?

From heavy chokers to naths, everything’s making a comeback and both traditional and contemporary brides will love it.

Extravagant Collar Choker

While minimalism is a rage, brides seem to be in no mood to dial down the extravagant vibe of their neckpieces. After Sabyasachi introduced statement chokers, there’s no doubt that this will be the biggest bridal jewellery trend for 2019-20 brides.

Oversized Rings

Too flashy? Don’t care. Oversized rings add drama to your look while keeping the traditional vibe intact. They also help draw attention to your beautiful mehndi adorned hands. In fact, after Deepika Padukone wore rings in all her fingers, that’s become a huge trend too!


Temple Jewelry

Taking lessons from the South Indian brides, are we? South Indian brides love temple jewelry. The elaborate and unique motifs featuring gods and goddesses make it one of the most popular trends for brides. Made in gold and chunky red and green precious stones, temple jewelry is also considered to be an auspicious form of jewelry. If you’re planning to go for temple jewelry on your D-day, pair it with a Banarsi sari to complete your royal look.

Shoulder Dust Earrings

Most brides are choosing shoulder dust earrings because of their contemporary design. They also flatter your long neck and look stunning with off-shoulder blouses and gowns. For the new-age bride, shoulder dust earrings are the alternative to chaadbaalis and jhumkas this year.

Statement Handcuffs

If you’re not wearing a chooda on your wedding day, we say you try out a handcuff with your bridal lehenga. For a contemporary look, swap the gold bangles with a statement handcuff. It could be a plain gold-finish piece or one with pretty jewels to match your lehenga. If not the wedding day, you can always adorn a handcuff on your cocktail night.