When I hear my friends’ beauty concerns, most of them crib about how short and fine their lashes are. Some of them even compare theirs to their boyfriends! From eating healthy to coating their lashes with castor and coconut oil, they’ve tried it all. However, when all the natural methods fail, makeup comes to the rescue! By makeup I mean, your trusty mascara.

 Tips to Make Eyelashes Longer & Thicker  

To make your lashes appear thick and long, here are 9 easy mascara tricks to follow. All the best, ladies!

Curl Your Lashes First

Don’t just apply mascara to your lashes directly! Curl them up first. Start by heating an eyelash curler and use it on your lashes. Keep the curler on your lashes for a few seconds before you move on to the next. Doing this will make your eyes pop by lifting the lashes and making them stand out. You’ve got to try this trick out to believe it.

Use A Tissue to Wipe Off the Excess Product

Mascara wands tend to pick up more product than required by default. Once this happens, wipe off the excess product using a tissue. You don’t need to rub your eyes with a wipe. Gently touch the paper to the lashes and the product will stick onto the paper.

Get Your Wiggle Game On

Avoid applying mascara in just one direction. Wiggle at the roots of your lashes first and make your way up to the tips. This trick helps to make lashes look fuller, thicker and eventually fan out. To give your eyes more definition, dip an angled brush into your mascara tube and comb away!

Coat Them with Powder

Just how dry shampoo adds a slight volume to your hair, so does powder. After curling your lashes, brush and dust them with some loose baby powder. This tiny trick will make your lashes look thick, defined and rich.

Turn Your Mascara Wand into An Eyeliner

To add more color to your lashes, simply coat your mascara wand with some liquid eyeliner or black eyeshadow. Groom your lashes so that they appear darker and fluffier.

The Toasty Affair

If you haven’t used your mascara for a long time, you can toast it. What does that mean exactly? Just dip the mascara bottle into a cup of warm water. Allow the product to warm up and melt from within. This makes for a smooth and hassle-free application.