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The best things in life are free…or really inexpensive. Hugs, coffee and sea swims

Also, this list of beautiful, free (or costing less than a coffee or fuel to the beach) stuff I have curated for you to help start off your stylish, healthy, organised new year in (free) style.

1. Calendars & planning
2. Fitness
3. Quick style refresh


1. Calendars & planning: Still haven’t bought a calendar? Ever-more gorgeous free printable on Pinterest are up and ready for 2017. For the cost of printing (even cheaper if you go for a still-stylish black and white template) you can get that sorted in less than five minutes.

2. Fitness: Don’t be one of the throng joining the January gym-brigade. There are tonnes of free workouts online which require little or no equipment.

This great list includes some options for all levels. All you need is a small area of space at home – or even outdoors.

If you want to interact with others in a fitness class environment, activewear brand Lululemon offers free classes in stores around the world. Like the Facebook page for the Lulu in your hood and book yourself in and enjoy – free!

3. Quick style refresh: Finally, add some joosh to your home or office to keep yourself inspired with some free wall art