There are different concealers that you would use in different areas of the face and thus the tones that you would pick for those concealers will be a little different. Beauty experts believe that when picking a concealer for your under-eye area and to put on the higher points of the face, you should pick a shade which is a shade or two lighters than your skin tone. The lighter shade evens out the darkness on the under-eye area and reflects the light off the higher points of the face better. These concealers are usually applied before you apply your foundation, so your under-eye gets a lit-from-within look and finish. For the blemishes, marks, scarring and acne, you should be looking at a concealer that is exactly the shade of your skin. This can be determined with a simple test. Just apply the concealer near the area where your blemish is, and if it blends in then it is the right shade for you. This concealer is usually used after you’re done with your base, strictly if needed or if the base has not covered up the blemish or inflammation properly. If you are picking up concealer to specifically cover up the green and blue veins on your under-eye area or the lid, then test it out on the veins near your wrist. That way you will know for sure if the pigment will cover up the veins on your face.

Concealer Hacks

Now that you have picked the right concealers and are equipped with knowledge about color correction, let’s make you a pro athlete in the concealer game.

Know which concealer to apply 

If you’re covering your under-eye area and would like it to be brighter, then apply the lighter concealer before your foundation, that way your foundation can cancel out the brightness and make it look just right. Similarly, cover blemishes only after the foundation so you can only cover up the ones your foundation couldn’t saving your skin from a lot of layers and patchiness.

Natural light

Just like the rest of your makeup, apply your concealer in natural light to avoid a flashback situation. The natural light will ensure you blend your concealer well too. 

Apply in a triangle under the eye

The best way to conceal dark circles is to draw an inverted triangle on the area. This shape gives your cheek a lifted look while covering your dark circles perfectly.

Concealer as an eyelid primer

If you don’t want your eyeshadow to run through the day and have them be as pigmented as possible, just dab a little bit of concealer on your eyelid and set with powder. It makes for the perfect base.

Green concealer for pimples

To cover up active breakouts with redness use a dab of green concealer and blend that into the skin and follow it up with a concealer which matches your skin tone exactly. The green cancels out the redness and inflammation giving you a better chance at getting an even-toned finish.

Concealer is not just for the face

If you have some spots on your arm, chest or back that you might be conscious about, you can just temporarily zap it with a concealer that matches your skin tone and then set it with translucent powder.

 Concealer to make your lip color pop

Dab on some concealer on the lips before you apply your lipstick if you want your lip color to give out it’s truest shade and last longer.

Brighten the eyes with a lighter concealer

Use a lighter concealer on the inner corner of your eyes, on the middle of the lid and outer corner and blend it out to give your eyes the illusion of looking well rested.

Hide puffiness with concealer and then some

Mix a bit of concealer with a pinch of your eye cream and a light bit of highlighter. Dab some under the eye and the remaining on your brow bone to de-puff your eyes.

Cover mistakes with concealer

Need a sharper wing? Need a little help with your cut crease or drew on an extra line on your brow? Just use the leftover concealer on your concealer brush and clear up the mistakes. I love using this trick when I have a red lip or dark lip on. Once I am done with my lip color and it dries up then I just add some concealer to cover up slight smudges and also to define my lips.