Weddings are super fun occasions for everybody. The dance, the colors and everything else about them is so beautiful. But, this already exciting event becomes even more amazing when it is your bestie’s wedding. If you are confused about what surprise would be the best for your bestie, then don’t worry as we are here to help you with some adorable wedding surprise gift ideas for your lucky bride-to-be. Be the best bridesmaid and make your bestie feel special.

Give Her a Basket Full of Her Favorite Goodies

Think of everything that she has told you about herself ever since you’ve known her. Pick up her favorite stuff, put in some notes or messages in bottles, and put them all together in a cutesy basket! Your awesome blossom pre-wedding gift to your best bud is ready.

Make a Picture Wall Hanging for Her New Home

She might well up a bit because of this but giving her framed pictures of her loved ones is something she can look at every day after her wedding. This way you manage to surprise her and give her something that makes her feel closer to all her people whom she will be leaving behind once she gets married.

Decorate Her Room and Make Her Feel like a Princess

Decorate the room for the bride-to-be and make her feel like a princess. Go all white and pink with balloons, flowers, and all her favorite chocolates, spread it all around in her room with little sticky notes that have a small yet meaningful message written on it by you, let her be the princess for that day.

Gift Her Something Creative to Remember You By

Use your imagination and make something for her. You know her best and are aware of what she likes. Give her something that she can remember you by. She will get all kinds of gifts at her wedding, but a pre-wedding surprise like this is something that will make her feel so special! Trust us, this could be the best surprise for bride from friends!

Throw Her A Bridal Shower

Yes, you read it right. Of all the things you could do for your best friend before her wedding, a bridal shower is definitely something you could consider. Gather her entire tribe for a whole day and plan a list of events for the day! We’re talking mani-pedi sessions, face spas, massages, and ending it with some amazing snacks.

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