Shikhar Dhawan was extremely upset after his wife Aesha and their kids were not allowed to fly to South Africa from Dubai due to some paperwork issues.

India opener Shikhar Dhawan’s tour of South Africa got off to a less-than-happy start when his wife Aesha and their children were not allowed to board a flight for South Africa from Dubai. While all the other team members and their families have reportedly reached Cape Town, where India will play their first Test from January 5, it seems that Dhawan’s family was not allowed to board the flight by the airline since they could not produce birth certificates for the children. Needless to say, the cricketer was less than impressed and said as much in one long tweet that appeared in two parts.

“1/2 Absolutely unprofessional from @emirates. Was on my way 2 SA with my fam & was told tht my wife and kids can’t board the flight from Dubai to SA. Was asked to produce birth certificates & other documents fr my kids at the airport which we obviously didn’t have at that moment,” the first tweet said.

“2/2.They are now at Dubai airport waiting for the documents to arrive. Why didn’t @emirates notify about such a situation when we were boarding the plane from Mumbai? One of the emirates’ employee was being rude for no reason at all,” the cricketer added.