Mark zuckerberg

Facebook’s ‘Major Focus’ on 2018 Elections in India, US and Pakistan, Says Mark Zuckerberg

Terming 2018 a “big year” for[Read More…]


Zuckerberg vows changes to Facebook after Cambridge Analytica scandal

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Stephen hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking is dead at 76

Hawking, who was a professor at[Read More…]

tim berners lee

Happy 29th birthday world wide web: Inventor slams tech giants

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IOS reclaims the lead in Australian smartphone market: IDC

iOS reclaimed the lead in the[Read More…]

google chrome

Google Chrome finally gains the ability to export saved passwords

Google Chrome already has an inbuilt[Read More…]

WhatsApp Surface Phone Italia

Whatsapp To Allow People To Delete Messages For Everyone

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s9 and 9pus

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ With Improved Cameras and More Launched:

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nokia lumia vs blackberry

Nokia and BlackBerry Nokia still struggling to make a comeback

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YouTube CEO Calls Demonetizing Logan Paul’s Channel “A Pretty Strong Statement”

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news networking iot city isto

​South Korean IoT sales grew 23 percent in 2017

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Huawei store 1

Huawei Inaugurates its Largest Experience Store in Pakistan

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osterloh fawaz

Google and Nest reunite in push to add AI to every gadget

Google is bringing gadget maker Nest[Read More…]