Samsung Wooden

Samsung made a TV with wooden borders that looks like a picture frame.

Innovation in TV design is moving away from the dark and sleek to something a little more home-y.
Samsung announced on Tuesday a new TV that convincingly looks like a picture frame complete with wooden borders.

It can display art in “Art Mode” when it’s not used for watching TV, which makes for a nicer look compared to your TV’s black rectangle when it’s off. It’s primarily designed to be wall-mounted so it can mimic an actual picture frame hanging on your wall, but it’s also compatible with Samsung’s Studio Stand, too, which props it high up at about picture-frame height.
The wooden frame is also interchangeable with other designs to match your decor. Apart from Samsung’s announcement that “The Frame” will be available to buy this Spring, details about its pricing and the tech it uses to reproduce paintings and other forms of art are sparse. Presumably “The Frame” does something different than conventional TVs to make it better at displaying art.