Meray pass tum hoo

‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ star Rehmat Ajmal pens her pain caused by Khalil ur Rehman

Acclaimed model and actress Rehmat Ajmal has penned her agony caused by writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s ‘problematic’ views that he shared during an interview.
Rehmat, who has just stepped into the drama industry to prove her acting skills and climbed the ladder of fame by perfectly executing her limited role in the controversial hit Meray Paas Tum Ho, has raised eyebrows of many drama critics and celebrities with her lengthy Instagram note that she shared on Wednesday to express her viewpoints regarding the comments of the playwright.
Taking to social media, the actress has penned her disappointment that why she isn’t proud to have been a part of the show: “I absolutely do not endorse the concepts and viewpoints of Mr. Khalil Ul Rehman. I watched Khalil ul Rehman’s interview and got to know about his problematic views on very many things WAY after the project was completed. I am not proud to be a part of something that is so compromising and ill-informed. However, I (like many others) was not aware of the entire story line or Mr. Khalil ul Rehman’s ideology at the time this project was shot – which was a year ago. My role in this project is limited so, I did not get a chance to see how it’ll come together or how it’ll eventually unroll on television and that is where I think I slipped a little. It was my first ever telecom project and I am learning,” Rehmat wrote.
Though the drama proved to be a massive success, it has still received a lot of criticism for promoting misogyny and the writer and artists have faced ample backlash from a segment of society for lending strength to the script.