Noman Ijaz

No male or female should harass anyone, says Noman Ijaz

Actor Noman Ijaz has said that any man or woman who harasses other man or woman should be punished.
In an interview to ‘Independent Urdu’ Noman talked about his latest dramas ‘Dunk’ and ‘Raqeeb sy’. Noman Ijaz has played the role of a married man in ‘Raqeeb sy’ and his ex-girlfriend comes to his place along with her daughter.
Noman has played the role of a college professor in drama ‘Dunk’ who commits suicide after being falsely accused of sexual harassment by a female student.
Both the dramas basically present the other side of story. Normally we hear about males harassing females at schools, colleges and work places. These two dramas of Noman Ijaz are based on the theme of women harassing men.
Noman was criticized widely for these two roles. Talking about the criticism, actor said that characters should have been criticized instead of criticizing me.
Noman further said that both the stories never intended to harm ‘me-too’ movement; I believe no one regardless of the gender has the right to harass anyone.