huawei mate 10 pro

Huawei moved past Apple’s global smartphone sales for the first time.

First came domination in China and earlier this year Huawei moved past Apple’s global smartphone sales for the first time.

And when you look at the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s latest flagship device, it’s easy to see why more people are choosing a Huawei over an iPhone.

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro offers an industry-leading camera, premium aesthetics, an OLED display and fantastic hardware.

While the smaller Mate 10 models are slightly cheaper than the Pro model, after using the device you will have no problems paying the premium price point.

The Mate 10 Pro has ditched the smaller 5.9-inch display from its predecessor, making the new screen 6-inches, with a 2,160×1,080-pixel resolution.

Like most premium phones on the market, the Mate 10 Pro has removed the physical home button from the front of the device to allow for maximum screen space.

The device has minimum bezel on the sides and a small bar across the bottom and top — thankfully Huawei didn’t go the way of the iPhone X and its nasty notch.

Huawei has switched the rear design from metal to glass, with the fingerprint scanner also found on the back of the phone below the camera.

The position of the fingerprint scanner feels natural, offering a fast and accurate response.

While Apple recently opted for the glass back to help with wireless charging, the Mate 10 Pro doesn’t support such a feature and has been designed purely for aesthetics.