The Faiz International Festival is an amalgamation of music, art and literature. It brings for the audience theater performances, musical evenings, film shows, art exhibitions, discussions, folk nights and much more.

Noted Indian poet Javed Akhtar and his film star wife Shabana Azmi reached Lahore from Indian through Wagah Border to attend the two-day festival. On the opening day, Indian superstar, peace and human rights activist Shahbana Azmi will express her views during a specially organised interactive session titled “Kafi Aur Faiz” along with Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s illustrious daughter Samila Hashmi, Faiz’s grandson Adeel and granddaughter Mira Hashmi.

More than 100 scholars, speakers and panelists will participate in the event. While performances by more than 30 national and international artists are also slated to spellbound the audience.