All these years it was big brother Boney Kapoor who took charge of Anil Kapoor and his life. Now at a time when Boney is facing the most critical tragedy of his life, it’s heartening to see the roles being reversed. Friends of the Kapoor family say Anil and wife have taken complete charge of Boney and his children.

“Boney and his two daughters Jahnvi and Khushi have shifted into Anil Kapoor’s residence. Anil and his family have taken charge of Boney Kapoor and the daughters. Boney is completely distraught and shattered. But he’s a very strong man. He won’t allow his emotions to take over until the last rites are over. Right now he’s in a state of shock. It happened so suddenly. There was no indication of any tragedy. Sridevi had not complained even of a health issue. One day the family was enjoying itself at a wedding, the next day she was gone,” says a very close friend of Boney’s.

“Right now it’s Boney’s daughters who are of primary concern. The younger one is especially unable to comprehend the enormity of the tragedy. Anil’s wife Sunita is constantly with Jahnvi and Khushi, and so is Anil and Sunita’s daughter Sonam.

Says a member of the Kapoor family, “Nothing had prepared the family for this sudden setback. To make it worse Sridevi passed away in Dubai far away from home, which meant the complications of flying her back had to be sorted. It is a hellish time for the Kapoor family. Everybody has cancelled all their engagements—Anil and Sonam were supposed to be shooting in Patiala for Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga and Arjun Kapoor rushed back from the shooting of Vipul Shah’s Namastey England in Amritsar—and they’re there to support Boney and the daughters in every way possible.”