Anupam Kher To Be Honoured Lifetime Achievement Award In IIFA 2018

Anupam Kher, the veteran actor who inspired generation after generation through his ultimate acting and talent will be given the prestigious Lifetime Achievement honor.

Yes! at the upcoming International Indian Film Academy awards ceremony in Bangkok Kher will be presented this award as his career in Indian Cinema is appreciating. He has worked in more than 500 films in different languages and also he is working abroad.

Recently, after the announcement Kher, said he is really thankful for the honor and to consider him for the recognition it is truly an encouragement to keep going in the industry for another 34 years of his life.

“Thank you IIFA for acknowledging my achievements in Cinema. I am privileged to be a part of our film industry, which has been so generous in the showing of love and warmth upon me.”

As per the Kher in a statement said, “My 34 years of work has helped me achieve great milestones and at a time when actors my age are offered the Lifetime Achievement Award, I prefer to ride on another 34 years exploring new and exciting opportunities in Indian and international Cinema. I am humbled and happy to be the recipient of this award instituted by IIFA.”

“With every such award comes a sense of responsibility which I promise to be committed to, in our industry and also, as a representative of our country in the international arena,” he added.

IIFA 2018 or the 19th edition of IIFA will be going to held on June 24 in which Kher will be presented with the honour of Lifetime Achievement.