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Bigg Boss 11 Dec 31, Queen’ Hina wins in the Sultani Akhada

As Bigg Boss 11 comes closer to its finale, we have been seeing eliminations at quick succession. Hiten Tejwani, Arshi Khan and now Priyank Sharma, have all been evicted. While we do see a fair bit of light-heartedness among the contestants, it is evident that everyone is a bit tensed. The writing is on the wall – anybody’s head can roll next.

Seen in this light, the Bigg Boss 11 Weekend ka Waar on December 31 was fun and full of light-hearted banter. As Salman Khan interacted with the contestants, they all seemed a bit wary at times.

Sultani Akhada becomes Maha Akhada 
There was a slight change in the akhada format with not just two contestants, fighting it out but two teams slugging it out. Shilpa and Hina picked their members – Vikas and Akash went to Hina’s team while Luv and Puneesh were part of Shilpa’s team.

Instead of a wrestling match, it was kabaddi match, which Hina’s team won easily.