Rutger Hauer, who starred in Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult hit Blade Runner, has died at the age of 75. The actor passed away in the Netherlands on Friday after a short stint of illness, according to Hauer’s agent confirmed the news.

Hauer played the murderous replicant Roy Batty in Blade Runner, which featured Harrison Ford in the central role. Hauer was known for essaying horror and vampire roles. He starred as Van Helsing in Dracula 3D and as the vampire Barlow in the 2004 mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot.

In 2005, he appeared in Sin City and Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. He is survived by his second wife of 50 years, Ineke ten Cate, and a daughter, actress Aysha Hauer, from his marriage to Heidi Merz.