It’s day 2 of the 71st Cannes Film Festival, and the divas are already spreading their charm across with their unique fashion choices, and are definitely setting a trend. With every appearance, Bollywood divas at Cannes are upping the fashion quotient higher for themselves, and others. From Deepika Padukone, Mallika Sherawat and Kangana Ranaut, they are already at the French Riviera to represent their respective brands.

Mallika Sherawat has collaborated with Free A Girl India, an NGO fighting against human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children in India has taken it upon herself to reach out globally by taking her mission all the way to Cannes. In the past, many renowned actresses like Julia Roberts and Salma Hayek have used the influential forum to drive a strong point.

On day two of the festival, Mallika Sherawat was seen in a pink off-shoulder dress with a trail as that of a saree hanging behind. She completed her look with beige Valentino stilettos, Bvlgari watch and a Birkin bag.

Mallika Sherawat has always been known for her active involvement in philanthropic activities over the years. As an actor and activist, she intends to highlight the issue of child prostitution and trafficking at an international level in order to spread awareness and help eradicate it completely from the society. She says that every minute we don’t do something, there’s a woman suffering abuse and these women don’t have the luxury of waiting for an eventual change.