Celine Dion gets emotional as she perfo

Celine Dion Gets Visibly Emotional Paying Tribute to Her Late Mother During Concert

They say the ‘Show Must Go On!’ Singer Celine Dion returned to stage on Friday night just a few hours after her mother passed away. She is currently on the Courage World Tour and her next stop was Miami.

“I’m pretty sure that you heard the news about my mom passing away early this morning. But I’m doing okay,” she told the crowd at American Airlines Arena in Miami.

“My mom was 92. She was ill for quite a while. And we knew she wouldn’t be with us long. Two days ago, we got a call from the nurses who were taking care of her so well, saying that her time was coming soon. Very soon. So last night, I joined my brothers and sisters in Montreal and I spent the evening at her bedside,” she added. “We told stories. We sang songs. We hugged each other. And we said our goodbyes. We are pretty sure that mom waited for us to be all together before she passed,” Celine said.