Charlize Theron says she will not have more children as she is not sure if she could make a bigger family work.

The 42-year-old actor is a single parent to Jackson, seven, and two-year-old August – who she adopted as babies. ”I think you have to know what you want and for me, it very much feels like this is my family and I am for sure finished. I don’t admire (those with three or more children) or judge it or feel any way about it other than it works for them because they are making it work.

“But that doesn’t necessarily mean I could make it work for myself,” Theron told HELLO! magazine. The Hollywood star said though being patient does not come naturally to her, the kids have taught her to be tolerant. ”They do push you. It’s not their fault – they just don’t quite know what the barrier is and they will go as far as they can. Patience is a virtue that’s come to me in spades since becoming a parent because I don’t think I was that patient before.”

“But now I am like, ‘Oh, I have these two little creatures to take care of and I have to be. But it’s hard. I lose it all the time,” she said.