Grammy Award-winning DJ and producer Zedd has released his new single Happy Now with singer Elley Duhe. He says it is the most organic sounding song he has made in a long time.

Zedd first debuted the new single earlier this month at Zedd In The Park, the one-day festival at Los Angeles State Historic Park, when he was joined by Duhe on stage to perform the song for the first time during his headlining set.

“Happy Now is the most organic sounding song I’ve made in a long time. The majority of what you hear was recorded using real instrumentation, a lot of pianos and a lot of guitars,” Zedd said in a statement to IANS.

“Lyrically, it’s a song that is both happy and sad at the same time, while musically, it’s a song that rather leans towards a happier, sunnier side.”

For Duhe, Happy Now is more than just a song.

“It’s a significant moment in my life, the golden opportunity to work with one of the greatest DJs/producers of our time. Being able to come together with complete strangers to do something beautiful, sing something meaningful, to share something special is what ‘Happy now’ is all about,” said Duhe.

Happy Now is Zedd’s follow up to his monster hit, The Middle with Maren Morris and Grey which he released earlier this year.

Zedd is currently on a tour of Europe.