Karan Johar with Fawad Khan in Dubai at the launch of Filmfare Middle East

Filmfare Award Fawad Khan ‘Best Cinematic Icon Pakistan/India” at Middle East edition launch

It seems that entertainers from both sides of the India-Pakistan border are ignoring the suggestion that they cease working together. It was widely reported that at the launch of Filmfare magazine in Dubai, Pakistani heart-throb Fawad Khan and Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone would share a stage. But that wasn’t the main excitement behind Khan’s appearance.
Filmfare Middle East honored Khan on its UAE relaunch with a Cinematic Icon Pakistan/India Award.
It was presented to him by filmmaker and collaborator Karan Johar and designer Manish Malhotra, for whom Khan walked the ramp for as a show stopper alongside Padukone in 2016.

Filmfare’s move could be seen as a bridging of relations after the sharing of talent between the two countries had become further and further scrutinized and politicized over the past few years. The Middle East is a neutral middle ground for stars from both sides of the border to rub shoulders.