How was the experience of being a part MTV BCL?
It was a superb journey. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ve been a part of it since it was on Colors. Colours is a GEC channel and I was expecting more ratings over there. But this time when it came on MTV, we got huge ratings and I am really happy. That means many family members are not interested in watching cricket. People like mothers and housewives are more interested in saas-bahu dramas. Now I know the reason for BCL not being successful on Colors, Sony or other channels. MTV is really youth based. I am happy that the youth is showing interest in cricket, celebrities, and watching this sports reality show. MTV has always been about reality shows be it Roadies, Splitsvilla, and MTV Police Trolls. I am really happy with the development too.

The youth has connected to the show and ratings are high, what is the feedback you are getting?
A lot of youngsters have been telling me that they’ve really become interested in the show. I am expecting more people to join and more people to be a part of it.

Drama is a big part of MTV BCL and it does entertain audiences. Comment.
Well, the drama is a huge part of MTV BCL. Entertainment is something that’s required. We’re not professional players who only concentrate on playing the match. There’re good dancers, singers, entertainers, mimicry artist who’re part of BCL this year. I am very happy that there’s fun, entertainment, controversy as well as playing cricket. On the field, there’re things that happen which makes a person aggressive.

Rakhi Sawant, Rajeev Thakur, Hiten Tejwani, Arshi Khan, Chestha Bhagat did a lot of drama on the pitch and audiences are loving it. Comment.
I will not comment on a particular person. There’re many actors but it’s not necessary that everyone’s good at cricket. There are people who’re specialized in controversies, drama, dancing or entertaining people. Cricket without entertainment and spice is boring to watch and we don’t want that. In a way, I am very happy with all the drama.

Do controversies always help an actor? What is your viewpoint?
I really don’t support the whole idea of being part of controversies to grab the camera’s attention. I feel that an actor’s job is to act and nothing else. I’ve seen people living for controversies and creating them deliberately just to grab the camera’s attention. I really don’t support it as it is unnecessary. I don’t like it. Actors should know dancing and voice modulation apart from acting to enhance their performance and not ways to create controversies.

Bigg Boss kind of content always attracts audiences. Comment.
It’s true but also sad as we work very hard each day on our TV daily soaps, saas-bahu sagas, reality shows other than Bigg Boss. I’ve seen a lot of reality shows other than Bigg Boss. For example Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Rising Star. Contestants really work so hard for their performance but not the content. So I am sad to see people going crazy over Bigg Boss. Everyone has arguments in their house. But if you want to see the same thing on TV then I am sorry as I don’t support it. It’s really shocking to me. One should opt for peace or shows like Rising Star where you see amazing talent singing songs and you listen to music and you kind of relax your mind.

Who has been your favourite player in the league and why?
This year around I don’t have any favourites. I saw the last-to-last match which was Goa verses Lucknow Nawabs and I was really happy to see all the players playing so well on the field. Especially, I remember this guy named Sawant who was really good. I was really happy for him and his team as I was the part of Lucknow Nawabs, which is the winning team this season.

Who was the most irritating player on the field and why?
I think Arshi Khan for me has been the most irritating player on the field. She didn’t know how to play and came only to give competition to Rakhi Sawant, for controversies and to seduce the anchors or the other Balaji people or the umpires for that matter. I actually felt like telling her that if you’re coming on the field then prove something through your performance on the field as a sportsperson and not someone who’s a camera freak.

Any interesting incident from the field? Please share.
I was playing this match against Lucknow Nawabs. The match was Goa verses Lucknow Nawabs. When it comes to performance or cricket, I am aggressive but only when I am performing and not otherwise. All I was concentrating was on the game and saving my team from all the sixes and boundaries. So, I was trying to save a ball from the boundary and I actually fell and I was literally dragged by the force. But whatever happened I at least saved a four on a boundary and was very happy. I was trying to take a wicket and Rajniesh, the captain of our team, bumped into me and none of us could take the catch. Nevertheless, that moment was very funny as we both were walking and just bumped into each other. Same had happened twice in our team in the same match.